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Smart Curtains

Smart curtains are a combination of day & night curtains integrated into individual separated vanes and controlled by a track pulley system. Each individual vane is made out of a lightweight & ultra-soft mesh and dim-out fabric that is unlike any other existing curtains material. It is also coated with an anti-pollutant protective layer to prevent build-up of dirt, dust and other harmful allergens.


An upgrade from the traditional vertical blinds and curtains, smart curtain allows rotation of 180 degrees for wind and sunlight to pass through. When installed as a room partition or in front of a sliding door, you can walk through the fabric slats without having to draw them to one side. When installed as a window covering, you can open or close the windows without having to draw them to one side.


You may also mix and match each individual vane and customise your very own smart curtain to complement the theme of your place. Easily detachable, you can wash the individual vane whenever required and swop the vanes around to create a new look.


Based on your theme and layout, our curtains & blinds stylist will also provide recommendations for your window furnishings.


Simply fill up the form below or contact us at +65 8611 1600 to get a FOC quote for your window furnishings.

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