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Night Curtains

Unlike day curtains, night curtains are made from heavy weighted fabric to block out light.


They are often paired with day curtains as they provide optimum privacy and light control, perfect for when you want to darken up a room during the day and when you want to have complete privacy regardless of the time of day.


Darker coloured fabric will allow less light penetration into the room as compared to light coloured fabric.


If you’re looking for light coloured night curtains to match the look of your place but worry about the light penetration, fret not as we can add a layer of black out material so that you’ll be able to enjoy a higher degree of light control with a lighter colour choice of curtains.


Based on your theme and layout, our curtains & blinds stylist will also provide recommendations for your window furnishings.


Simply fill up the form below or contact us at +65 8611 1600 to get a FOC quote for your window furnishings.

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