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Motorised Systems

Looking for a fuss-free control of your blinds and curtains? Opt for our motorized systems.


2 types of motorized systems:


Wand Motor System:

Wand motor system uses a rechargeable battery to operate your blinds, making it an affordable option as no additional electrical wiring is required.


To recharge the wand motor, simply connect it with a usb cable to a power socket or portable charger.


Control the up-and-down movement of your blinds with a click of a button on the wand motor attached to the side of your blind, or via a wireless remote - 2 ways.


Mains Power Motorized System:

New or renovated homes or commercial spaces can consider opting for our mains power motorized system that is directly plugged into a power outlet. 


Fuss-free and easy to maintain without having to charge your blinds, this option is also available for curtains as well.


Control the movement of your blinds and curtains with a wireless remote, you no longer have to leave the chair or bed to have full control over the sunlight and privacy levels of the room.


Based on your theme and layout, our curtains & blinds stylist will also provide recommendations for your window furnishings.


Simply fill up the form below or contact us at +65 8611 1600 to get a FOC quote for your window furnishings.

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